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While we are convinced that the usual certifications on the market bring legitimacy to professionals, we also know that they do not validate their practical skills. The practical skills recognition is key and is a source of self-confidence and career development.

Based on this observation and considering our 20 years' experience in the world of certifications, Ahead offers professionals the possibility of obtaining this recognition, in addition to the knowledge certification process, in order to validate their skills in today's business contexts.

Ahead Technology France

Practical skills assessment - how does it work?

  • Our assessments are based on internationally recognized skills frameworks.
  • They take the form of written assessments based on case studies. Depending on the assessment context chosen, the professionals being assessed are asked to resolve a range of real-life situations (team building, choice of management tools, etc.).
  • The written work produced is then corrected by an authorized assessor. A mark of 15/20 is then required to validate a skills unit, in accordance with a strict assessment protocol.

NB: In the case of certification juries (aiming to validate a complete assessment program), assessed professionals also have the option of presenting their production to their assessor, in order to complete it orally and give themselves every chance of success.