Partner Program

Our training programs are delivered through a network of Ahead Technology authorized training partners which are authorized to use our courseware and deliver the training either through Ahead Technology instructors or through their own accredited training resources. As such these partners “own” the end client relationship and Ahead Technology enables them to deliver ITIL®, Cobit®, ISO/IEC20000®, and many other training programs. Our global growth strategy is largely based on expanding our partners program and leveraging the sales force of those partners to extend our reach to you, our customers.

We encourage training organizations to contact us about joining our partner program and invite our customers to check out the partners section of this website to find a partner near you!

For more information about our Partner Program, use our contact form or call us at 1-888-922-0022.

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Types of Partnerships

Accredited Training Associates (ATA)

Are partners that are Accredited Training Associates, sponsored by Ahead Technology. These partners utilize Ahead Technology’s accredited courseware materials; while the program is delivered either by their own accredited instructors or Ahead Technology instructors.

Ahead Technology Partner (ATP)

Are partners that market, promote and sell Ahead Technology instructor-led, virtual classroom and e-Learning products, which are delivered by Ahead Technology instructors.

Ahead Technology is a Accredited Training Organization (ATO) and as such we offer training organizations the ability to become Accredited Training Associates (ATA) to allow them to offer and deliver certain certified training programs to their clients. As an Ahead Technology sponsored ATA, we provide everything you need to quickly offer certified training and generate a new stream of training revenues!

Our ATA Program Includes:

  • Ahead Technology licenses quality courseware on a cost effective per student per day fee basis,
  • Our Train-The-Trainer program will certify your own instructors and help improve your margins
  • Access to all our course updates and new courses titles as they become available,
  • Utilize our certified instructors to deliver some or all of your training program,
  • Ability to order exams directly from the respective examination institute,
  • Ability to add your brand and print manuals,
  • Ability to purchase TSO/OGC ITSM Publications,
  • Resell e-Learning courses

Instructor-Led Course Material

Course material licensing includes all printable student material (binder, handouts, sample exams questions and answers, on-going updates and new related material). The instructor material includes instructor presentation and notes. Course materials are provided on a cost per student per day basis. Course material can be branded with the Partners logo and is ordered from Ahead Technology or printed locally by the Partner. Production and shipping is done in a secure, controlled, effective and efficient manner.

Order Exams

Exams can only be ordered by the accredited training associate and/or accredited training organizations. Ahead Technology will order exams until partner achieves ATA status. ATA’s can order exams and are invoiced directly by their respective examination institutes.

Delivered by Ahead Technology

Partners can engage Ahead Technology certified instructors to deliver some or our entire training program (providing courseware and instructors). Travel and living expenses, if any, are invoiced at cost. Our Instructors are provided on a per diem “teaching day” basis.

Delivered by Your Instructors

Partners can deliver our accredited courseware using their own local instructors provided they meet the APMG Trainer Criteria. Partner instructors must satisfy AheadTechnology’s instructor criteria for delivery and are bound by the partner agreement including non-disclosure prior to receiving course material. New instructors complete an intake form and provide their resume and pertinent certification. To ensure consistency new instructors may be required to participate in train-the-trainer sessions and attend and observe the relevant live training session.

Marketing and Sales Support

Marketing the training services benefits both the Partner and Ahead Technology. On a best-effort basis, we will assist Partner in developing marketing programs and reviewing marketing materials before they are published. We will make every effort to promptly accommodate Partner requests for program details at no cost to the Partner. Ahead Technology will also provide support in assessing, qualifying, and responding to RFPÕs and other business opportunities that require a solution based on our products and services.


  • Qualify by contacting Ahead Technology VP Business Development
  • Partner sign the Ahead Technology ITSM/ITIL Master Training and Consulting Services Agreement,
  • Ahead Technology & Partner submit a letter of intent stating desire to engage in an ATA sponsorship by Ahead Technology to the respective accreditation institute
  • Ahead Technology submits a letter of Accreditation sponsorship to the accreditation institute requesting that Partner organization become an accredited ATA partner
  • The Partner submits copies of its ‘instructor’ certificates and CV’s to Ahead Technology and the accreditation institute
  • Upon acceptance of the ATA application by the accreditation institute, the Partner can order examinations directly for all ATO accredited programs
  • The Partner can promote and resell Ahead Technologies accredited training programs