Our training programs are delivered through a network of Ahead Technology authorized training partners which are authorized to use our courseware and deliver the training either through Ahead Technology instructors or through their own accredited training resources. As such these partners are enabled to deliver our complete ITIL®, Cobit®, ISO/IEC20000® training programs. For more information about how you can become an Ahead Technology Partner visit our Partner Program page.

Types of Partnerships

Accredited Training Associates “ATA” OR Licenced Affiliate “LA”

Are partners that are Accredited Training Affiliates sponsored by Ahead Technology. These partners utilize Ahead Technology courseware materials which are accredited the appropriate Examination Institute. The training program is delivered either by their own accredited instructors or Ahead Technology Instructors.

Ahead Technology Partner (“ATP”)

Are partners that market, promote and resell Ahead Technology instructor-led, virtual classroom and eLearning products which are delivered by Ahead Technology Instructors.

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