TOGAF® Version 9.2 Training Program-Combined – 5 Days (French)

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Program Overview

The Open Group’s IT Architect Certification program is the premier, global certification program for certifying skills and experience in the IT architecture community. Based on the proven best practices in the industry, it sets an independent, industry-wide standard for IT Architects and creates a foundation for trust between suppliers and customers.

The program enables organizations to standardize on open method for IT architecture and avoid a lock-in to the proprietary methods of different consulting firms. Customers can base their IT architecture on an open, industry standard method, which works with all major frameworks, and can procure tools, training, and the services of consultants (individuals and integrators) with confidence, on the basis of certified conformance with TOGAF® Version 9 standards. For service providers and tool vendors, the certification provides a vehicle to clearly demonstrate that their services and products support and use the methodology and product sets that TOGAF® Version 9 certifies.

Our program is offered over a 5 day period and includes the TOGAF® Version 9 Combined exam voucher, redeemable at any Pearson Vue testing site. The program is taught by experienced instructors who bring a delivery approach combining theoretical and hands-on knowledge transfer, including group work and practical exercises.


There are no formal prerequisites for this program or for the TOGAF® Version 9 Training Program-Combined Part 1 and Part 2 Exam. However, it is recommended that course participants possess generic understanding of ITSM best practices and Enterprise Architecture.

The successful completion of the course greatly depends on the course participants’ involvement as they are required, besides their study time, to actively participate in the workgroup and practical exercises.


The target group for this program is:

  • Individuals who require a solid understanding of “The Open Group Architecture Framework” TOGAF®, associated phases and processes and how it may be used to enhance the quality of IT Service Management within an organization.
  • Executive and Senior Management
  • Enterprise Architecture Program Owner and Managers
  • This may include but is not limited to, IT professionals, business managers and business process owners.

Through a series of lectures, group work and practical exercises designed at achieving a clear understanding of the TOGAF® 9; the course prepares participants for:

  • The adoption of the TOGAF® Version 9 framework.
  • The implementation of the TOGAF® Version 9 framework and associated processes; participants will engage in group exercises to discuss and practice the following elements as well as their input, output and considerations:
    • TOGAF Architecture Development Method.
    • Architecture guidelines, principals and techniques.
    • Architecture Content Framework.
    • Enterprise Continuum and Architecture Repository.
    • TOGAF TRM and III-RM Reference Models.
    • TOGAF Capability Framework.
  • The preparation of TOGAF® Version 9 Combined Certificate examination.
  • An integrated case study based on a real-life system
  • Working in small teams, course participants will work together on each of the TOGAF parts and ADM phases from Preliminary to Change Management, including the preparation for architecture work and the collection of business and architecture requirements. The work will be based on sample case study or on the client organization as the case study.
  • The approach is presented in an easy-to-follow step-by-step architecture method.
  • Each step is introduced and demonstrated by the instructor. Course participants follow by actively participating in the work.

Most course providers organize their Enterprise Architecture course content by a presentation that places more emphasis on theory than practice. Our approach is to walk through an organized and chronological approach. The result is a much more effective training experience that can be readily applied on-the-job.

Assignments throughout our courses emphasize a team-based approach to architecture. Each course participant gains practical experience facilitating and practicing the ADM approach.

Comprehensive printed and electronic material including valuable templates, the TOGAF® 9 book and additional documentation.

  • The business rationale for Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF® 9
  • The TOGAF® 9 Architecture Development Method and its deliverables, including Business, Data, Applications (IS) and Technology Architecture domains
  • The Enterprise Continuum and its sub-sets
  • Enterprise Architecture Governance
  • Architecture Principles
  • Architecture Views and Viewpoints
  • Requirements Engineering using Business Scenarios
  • Architecture Maturity Assessments
  • Architecture Skills Framework
  • An Introduction to Building Blocks
  • Organization Architecture Capability
  • Architecture Partitioning
  • Content Framework and Meta Model
  • Capability Based Planning
  • Business Transformation Readiness
  • Using TOGAF® 9 to develop Security Architectures
  • Architecture Repository
  • Using TOGAF® 9 to develop SOAs

TOGAF® 9 features significant enhancements to key capabilities of the framework and includes new materials that details how the Architecture Development Method (ADM) can be applied to specific situations, such as service-oriented architecture (SOA) and security architecture.

The examination for the combined certification is included in this course.

Program Material

The program includes the course materials and the certification exam:

  • Our student binder
  • Additional TOGAF® 9 related documentation and reference material, and valuable templates
  • Certification exam