Define & Implement a Service Catalogue – 2 Days Workshop program

All courses listed are available in a Self-Paced Study Format. Courses are also available On Demand, meaning the course can be scheduled and delivered as a dedicated corporate group session, based on a minimum number of students per session. For On Demand courses, please contact us for more information.

Course Summary

This course will introduce the concept of Service Catalogue and what it means to the Business and the relationship between IT and the Business. How IT and IT Services align with and enable the different business processes and services.


  • ITIL® 2011 Foundation certificate is recommended

Course Features

  • Online

    Virtual Web-based

  • Location Based

    Instructor led Classroom environment

  • Duration

    Two days

Program Material

The program includes the course materials will include:
  • A printed copy of the instructor’s presentation will be distributed to the participants
  • Additional sample documents and templates
  • Service Catalogue
  • SLA
  • OLA
  • Service definition, specifications and structure
  • Job description, roles and responsibilities
  • Project plan of service Catalogue


IT professionals interested in understanding the content and concepts of the new ITIL® 2011, as well as understand the differences with previous ITIL® V2:

  • Executives and key stakeholders
  • Service Owners
  • Process Owners and Managers
  • Senior technical and operational staff
  • IT professionals and Consultants
  • IT customers
  • Anyone interested or involved in the definition, design, development or management of Service Catalogue and service levels

Program Content & Objectives

The course objectives are to enable course participants a solid understanding of:

  • The relationship between Service Portfolio and Service Catalogue.
  • The importance of the Service Catalogue and its underlying service structure.
  • The value of the Service Catalogue to the organization.

Group Facilitation

Assignments throughout our courses emphasize a team-based approach to architecture. Each course participant gains practical experience facilitating and practicing the ADM approach.

The Course Covers

  • Introduce ITSM at high level
  • Highlight the principals and concept of the Service Catalogue
  • Show the basic structure of the Service Catalogue and how it maps IT services to business processes and functions.
  • Identify which service are repeatable standard services and which services or service elements are initiated via a service request.
  • Show the benefits of automating the Service Request fulfillment process including self-help concept.
  • Reflect the basis for service based costing and recovery.
  • Explain how to define the service listed within an actionable Service Catalogue.
  • Identify the audience of the Service Catalogue.
  • Define and describe the service to be listed in the Service Catalogue
  • Discuss the tools and technologies used to create, use, manage and maintain the Service Catalogue
  • Introduce the relationships between Service Catalogue Management and other ITIL processes
  • Discuss the Service Catalogue views
  • Introduce services definition methodology
  • Introduce a project plan approach to creating a Service Catalogue
  • Discuss the CSFs, Risks, Metrics and challenges of the Service Catalogue
  • Introduce and discuss the Business Case in relationship to the Service Catalogue