The Next Gen of ITIL® is Here … Are You Ready for ITIL® 4?

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If you haven’t yet heard the news – an update to the ITIL® IT Service Management best practice has been released as February of 2019! ITIL® stands for IT Infrastructure Library, and is a set of publications describing proven best practices in delivering value through IT services to enable business outcomes.  ITIL® has been the global IT industry best practice for IT Service Management (ITSM) starting way back in the mid 1980’s with ITIL® V1.

Since the release of the previous ITIL® version (V3/2011 edition), we’ve experienced unprecedented change in the way technology enables digital transformation. Today, many business models and core strategies are completely technology inspired and dependent; such as Uber, Airbnb, Amazon Prime Streaming service, etc. We’ve also seen greater adoption of other IT best practices to help with the management and delivery challenges associated with this wave of digital transformation, such as; Agile, Lean and DevOps.

ITIL® 4 addresses this business reality change and provides ITSM guidance to keep pace with the reality of today’s demand for IT responsiveness, while still having to balance service stability to meet service level commitments. For those readers who are already well versed in ITIL® V3/2011, rest assured that all the content you have studied and applied from earlier versions of the best practice still exists in ITIL® 4, and that all of your qualifications are still valid with the introduction of the new ITIL® 4 certification scheme.  ITIL® 4 has evolved to include key elements such as:

  • A service value system that describes how activities and elements work together to deliver value
  • A set of guiding principles to help frame decisions and delivery approaches
  • The 4 dimensions to ensure holistic service management
  • The concept of a practice to include not just processes, but roles, culture and more

In the IT best practice field, adoption of one approach over another was never intended to be mutually exclusive; however this is how many IT service provider organizations implemented their best practice strategy. You often hear: “We are a DevOps shop” or “An ITIL® shop” or … well I’m sure you’ve heard something along these lines in your organization. What’s evolved could be described as “best practice silos”, and we all know that silos of any kind are not conducive to an agile mindset!

Not only is it important that IT service provider organizations expand the “tools in their toolkit” to leverage the full suite of IT best practices, individuals in the IT professional field need to be proficient in multiple disciplines, such as Lean, ITIL®, Agile, and DevOps to deliver to business demand in our fast-paced and complex environment. Enjoy your ITIL® 4 journey!

Abbey Wiltse, Ahead Technology

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