What businesses should know about DevOps

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Many organizations are failing their software projects. Failure in delivering on time, on budget, on promises. These failures are often related to challenges in software development processes and delivery methodologies. To resolve this, this requires the use of an innovative and more effective approach: DevOps. Things to consider when implementing DevOps The DevOps approach is… Read more »

DevOps Institutes certifications

Posted on July 31, 2017 By Nasser El-Batal Categories:

DevOps institute has been introducing a number of DevOps intermediate/practitioner levels certifications providing specific knowledge to DevOps echo-system. This document herein provide the associated details for the different certifications.

Ahead Technology Inc. partners with EXIN

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Ahead Technology Inc. forged a strategic partnership with EXIN introducing the first DevOps Master certificate program in North America. Download the webinar for an introductory view of the program.

Confused as to which best practice to introduce first?

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A common issue in the industry is the confusion about what to introduce as best practice(s) to enable your business transformation. Many organizations implement processes instead of best practices. Many others implement “stove piped” best practices overlapping and creating duplicate processes along the way. Governance models and structures seem to be missing in action; management… Read more »

Welcome to Ahead Technology Inc.

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Welcome to our first blog! Ahead Technology Inc. specializes in the provisioning of Enterprise IT best practices training solutions, courseware licensing, learning management system (LMS) licensing, and Enterprise IT consulting services. We are a world-renowned organization, in business since 2002 with worldwide client base. We are an accredited training organization (ATO) for numerous subject matters… Read more »