ITSM Polestar Simulation Session
(1 Day)

Session Overview

The business benefits of IT Service Management (ITSM) best practice are well known. ITSM can help your enterprise tightly align IT and business goals, design and deploy IT services that support those goals, and enhance the efficiency of day-to-day operations to deliver high-quality services.

In order to achieve these benefits, many organizations are formally adopting frameworks such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®), aiming to achieve international ITSM best practice standards such as ISO/IEC 20000 or undergoing an IT Governance program.

But driving acceptance and widespread adoption of ITSM and ITIL® can be a challenge. Demonstrating the benefits of best practice to decision-makers who are unfamiliar with ITSM isn’t always easy. And getting your people “on board” with ITSM initiatives can become an expensive, time-consuming training proposition.

The solution – “Polestar ITSM”

ITSM Polestar Simulation Session

This highly-interactive simulation is a high-impact, energetic way to accelerate understanding, involvement, and acceptance of ITSM best practice in your organization.

Facilitated over one day in the fast world of global online retail, Polestar ITSM brings to life the behavioral and process issues faced by IT organizations. This is done through realistic scenarios to which participants can directly relate to and have actual experience of.

This unique experiential learning approach causes breakthrough understanding of ITSM best practice and transforms learning into an engaging, fun and highly memorable shared experience.


1 Day

Delivery Methods

  • Facilitated by an certified ITSM Simulation Facilitator
  • Minimum number of students for this simulation is 10 and the maximum is 20


IT professionals interested in understanding the content and concepts of ITIL®

  • Executives and key stakeholders
  • Process Owners and Managers


  • General IT knowledge

Program Objectives

  • Accelerated understanding of the benefits of ITSM best practice to large audiences
  • Rapid familiarization with ITSM terminology and ITIL® processes
  • Understanding of how ITSM best practice can facilitate alignment of IT to business objectives
  • Understanding of what can be achieved in business terms through the successful implementation of ITSM

How it Works

Normally delivered over 5 rounds, the Polestar simulation is designed to introduce key ITSM and ITIL® components through gaming dynamics. Polestar simulations can be delivered over more or less rounds, dependent upon the organizational challenge.

Initially focusing on Service Support, as the day progresses, the focus shifts to Service Delivery. The following challenges and aspects of ITSM are considered during each round.

ITSM Polestar Simulation Session

Round 1

  • Working in silos (IT and the Business)
  • Communication issues
  • Introducing the Service Desk and Incident Management

ITSM Polestar Simulation Session

Round 2

  • Refining and improving Incident Management
  • Introducing Problem Management, Knowledge base and Trend Analysis
  • Change Management

ITSM Polestar Simulation Session

Round 3

  • Maturing the Service Desk and Incident Management
  • Maturing Problem Management and Knowledge base
  • The importance of Change and Release Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Service Level Management

ITSM Polestar Simulation Session

Round 4

  • Introducing Financial Management
  • Service Continuity Management
  • Availability Management
  • Capacity Management

ITSM Polestar Simulation Session

Round 5

  • Demonstrate importance of processes and their relationships
  • Review how ITSM maturity has evolved and the benefits to the business
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